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Tax on Cryptocurrency

The tax treatment of cryptocurrency in the UK has been evolving since 2014. However, it;s not always clear or straightforward.

In late 2017 and on in to early 2018, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies went through a phenomenal rise in value. Many early investors in these currencies, and the underlying blockchain technology, saw their portfolio values increase exponentially.

One of the common questions coming from the cryptocurrency community at this time was – is this taxable? And it didn’t matter where in the world they were, governments across the globe either had bare-bones guidance on how they intended to tax cryptocurrencies or, more often than not, no guidance at all.

Since this time, we has been helping cryptocurrency clients navigate this troublesome landscape and has become on of the UK’s most well-known and respected experts on the taxation of cryptocurrency.

Since his initial article on the Taxation of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, Adrian has hosted a number of online webinars, as well as a workshop in London, on the topic. He has also been interviewed for articles in the Express, ICO Examiner, and Bloomberg.

If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, and want to ask some questions about the tax consequences of buying, selling, mining or earning cryptocurrency, feel free to join the “UK CryptoTax with Adrian Markey” Telegram channel.


Aside from advising on the taxation of cryptocurrency, we also advise a number of blockchain based businesses on accounting and regulatory issues. We work with clients in a variety of field including those developing their own crypotcurrencies, providing masternode services to consumers, companies developing trading bots and we work with a number of IT professional who themselves are paid in cryptocurrency.

We understand, that whilst individual cryptocurrencies may come and go, the underlying technology upon which they are built is just getting started.


For anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and blockchain, here’s some of our favourite sites, tools, platforms and videos

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